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Gifts My Father Gave Me

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Losing someone you love is the hardest thing most of us will ever have to endure. Sharon Knutson-Felix experienced the deaths of her six-year-old son, and, years later, her police officer husband. In this remarkable book, she reveals how she went through and survived the grief process, endeavored to heal, and found love and joy again.

Sharon unravels her powerful story as if over coffee at your kitchen table, an intimate story filled with laughter, tears, suspense, and Christian faith. Yet this inspirational story transcends religion, and comforts anyone who has lost a loved one.

Note from Kay Zahn: This is my friend Sharon who is the Executive Directory of the 100 Club of Arizona. I read her book before it was published and I'm SOOOOO HAPPY to see it in print and available on our web site here.

I'm also making her web site so you can visit her site at:

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