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Over 35,000 Wristbands Distributed in First 6 Months!
A message from the Director of Thank You Blue . . (ME) May 31, 2005

This month was a terrible month for a number of Law Enforcement Families in many states. I was touched by the communities willingness, even their anxiousness to buy and receive a wristband that they knew meant so much for the families of these heros. In St. Paul, MN Sergeant Gerald Vick was killed in a violent shooting in the early morning hours as his shift ended. A shocked community there responded with so many incredible stories of Sgt. Vick and his heroism. It filled the pages of weblogs and memorials online. We were able to raise over $10,000 for the Vick Family because we got someone at the Fox9 News channel to read our story.

People not only wanted to help, they were grateful that they could. They were looking for ways they could help. Ways to express themselves after the loss. The Elementary School where one of the children of Sgt Vick attends, had hundreds of wristbands on campus when she returned to not only lift her spirits but theirs too.

I hate to say that such tragedy helps us send our message, but in fact it does. When tragedy of this magnatude strikes a community (as it did in Texas, and Colorado, and the very Phoenix Valley that Thank You Blue Corp calls home) people WANT to say something but they don't know how. This wristband silently says a lot. It says THANK YOU. Today. Now. To the officer's brothers and sisters both inside and outside the department. When these officers loose a team member, a partner, a friend, it's like loosing one of the family. Everybody grieves for the loss in their own way, but these officers that are left behind must go to work. Immediately, and flawlessly if they can under such pressure. It's a good thing when they see the community wearing little blue wristbands, and they know that they are appreciated! Before it's too late.

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