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Thank You Blue NOW SHIPPING Firefighter RED Wristbands
June 1, 2005

Same message NEW TEXT. The new Firefighter Red Wristband says "TYFD    24 - 7 - 365" which is our way of saying Thank You Fire Departments everywhere! I swear I had hundreds of conversations about who is "blue". My response (and the truth) is that when I came up with the "THANK YOU BLUE" wristband, I was thinking it was a Third Watch world. (you know . . like on TV) where they all roll together. The Police, the Firefighters and EMS Rescue all working together.

I KNOW (and you do if you live in the city) just watch, when terrible things happen to people and on the television news, they are being wheeled in to an emergency room by firefighters and ems, and officers . .what are they wearing ???? BLUE. I see Blue T-shirts that say PHX FIRE DEPT or TEMPE FIRE. They may have on yellow "fall out" pants or even jeans, but they usually have BLUE tshirts on. Anyway, put your own initials there and you've seen it too. My point is that when I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the the incredible people who choose to be First Responders I felt like BLUE had some meaning to us all.

Don't misunderstand my intent. There are some blue lines we do not cross. Like the "thin blue line" that seperates good and evil in the hearts and minds of the brotherhood of Police and Law Enforcement Officers everywhere. I wasn't trying to do that with our Thank You Blue wristband. I was trying to represent from those of us on the other side of law enforcement (the good guys on our side) that we appreciate that they hold that line!

That being said however, I've heard from HUNDREDS of Firefighters and family of the same, who (while appreciative of the thought) wanted a RED wristband. They felt brotherhood with the RED . . . So I made a RED band. Since I've started this web site and non profit organization, I've heard from many other groups who feel they deserve recognition as the people who flank the First Responders. Sometimes in front of them with Road Clearing equipment during a blizard or a hurricane. Sometimes meeting them at the door of the ER waiting to accept the next responsibility of caring for the perfect stranger brought to their door by the Men and Women in Blue . . . and believe me if I could I'd make a message for everyone and honor them all !

But I digress (I have two points here and I don't want to forget to make them) . .

Not wanting to make a Red band that said "Thank You Blue" (just didn't sit well with me) I was lucky to have such creative people in my office because Justin Hunsley (the young man who runs the office for our ISP . . and the shipping now for Thank You Blue . . Bless his HEART) came up with the message for our Red Firefighter appreciation bands. TYFD. Simple. Beautiful.

So I had 10,000 made, and have just ordered 15,000 more. Along with 5,000 youth sized RED bands. I never really thought about how much time and effort all of this wristband sales and distribution could create. It isn't just an Ebay auction on my desktop and kitchen table with the kids (who helped put the labels on our first 10,000 bands) It is a hard working e commerce web site, order taking, distribution machine :) My 14 year old son who has helped out stuffing envelopes and mailing wristbands, LOVES it and says he wants to do this for a living. (Oh how much he has to learn)

My point there is to share with you that we're working hard to maintain a same day shipping policy on now 3 different products, and very soon 4 (blue in adult and youth size and the same in red) and while it sounds simple, it isn't as easy as it sounds when you take hundreds of orders a day !

While I haven't had much time to communicate all of this, we are adding things everyday. Like our Cafe Press TYB Store where you can order T-shirts, sweatshirts, bears and bags with our THANK YOU BLUE message. I'm sure we'll add more as we have time. CafePress.com is a cool place if you've never been . . . .go to our site, check out our TYB store (tab on the top) and after you look at (and buy if you want) our stuff, look a the system of Cafe Press. It is very cool. They handle the inventory and printing and shipping. They just carry our message (along with thousands of others . . . and maybe yours) so it's a great way to share our message on other things and make a couple bucks along the way.

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